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Please take a while to browse our site. We have a balanced range of Mr Sticky adhesives [glues], Superglues, thinners, cleaners, lubricants, etc for both novice and experienced modellers. We supplement MrStickys range with 'guest adhesives' like Bison, Zap,  UHU and MXBON. We also have accessories like Plaster Products, LEDs, Optical Fibres [fibers], Track Pins, Fuel Tubing, cables, and connectors to make your modelling experience more enjoyable. Please visit us frequently  as our range is expnding weekly. If there is anything that you have been looking for that is not listed on our site, or need some advice, please email us and we will see if we can help.


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We DO post abroad. Please contact us with your requirements


For all other items including Deagostini Subaru parts and information please go to www.sbc.gb.com



Mr Sticky - Modelling Super Glue, PVA, UHU, Bison, Thinners, Plaster, Tools and more.

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  • Bison
  • Milliput
  • ZAP
  • Devcon
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